Prescription glasses have always been more than a medical necessity for most wearers. They have the ability to transform the wearer’s vision and appearance simultaneously, but often come at a high cost. Now, US optician Ditto is helping to transform designer specs and sunglasses from a long term investment into a stylish temporary accessory. The company’s new subscription service, Endless, enables customers to rent glasses, instead of buying them — swapping for a new pair anytime they like.

Customers in the US can sign up to the Endless Designer Prescription service for USD 29 per month, or the Endless Sunglasses service for USD 19 per month. They can then choose from a selection of over 1,000 glasses, including the latest styles and weekly new arrivals. The glasses are shipped, for free, to the customer’s chosen address, and they can then keep them for as long as they want. When they are ready for a new look, they simply pick out a new pair which will be sent out within the week. Customers must then return the first pair within five days. The monthly fee includes insurance, allowing for a bit of wear and tear, and if a customer wants to purchase a pair, Ditto will deduct the rental fees they have already paid into the program — up to a total of two months.

In a market where everything from jeans to cutting edge gadgets can be rented instead of bought, Ditto are likely to find a large customer base looking for access to a huge range of styles at a relatively low cost. What other products could adopt a similar model?

Website: http://bit.ly/1DTfv2B
Contact: support@ditto.com

via Springwise http://bit.ly/1wcsGnp

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