Here at Springwise we’re seeing a growing number of innovative solutions designed to facilitate urban farming. SEALEAF enables coastal cities to create local farms on their seafronts, while Cityblooms offers a modular, lightweight greenhouse specifically designed for urban rooftops. The latest offering is My Terrace Farmer from the Solar Greens Company in Colorado, which sets itself apart from the competition by utilizing solar power and offering compact modular units which fit onto the average balcony.

My Terrace Farmer is a smart, solar powered, mini greenhouse, built from aircraft-grade aluminium and SolaWrap insulation. Measuring only 48 x 32 x 82 inches, the system is portable and can be assembled in just a few hours by two people, making it ideal for short-term renters who can take their urban garden with them when they move. It is self-watering and self-fertilizing, and settings can be automated or controlled remotely via smartphone or tablet. It creates compost, collects rainwater and incorporates a back-up battery which can power the LED grow lights in emergencies.

Having recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, Solar Greens are currently taking pre-orders for the units at USD 1,899 a piece. What other adjustments to the compact greenhouse could be made to make urban gardening available to more consumers?


via Springwise

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