Immersive experiences have been big business for a few years now. Thrill seekers in the UK can be chased by zombies and their French counterparts can even pay to be kidnapped by Ultime Réalité. The latest offering in the field comes from London-based Special Operations Agency, who offer participants James Bond-style adventures complete with special forces and secret service training.


The company is comprised of ex-military personnel who offer customers a range of participatory ‘operations’. Packages are aimed at adventurous individuals and groups, as well as corporate businesses looking for alternative high-energy team building scenarios. Experiences are flexible and can be tailored to the customers needs, but they all incorporate training in four key skill sets — weapons, demolition, espionage and sere (survival, evasion, resistance and extraction). Customers can opt for a day-long hostage rescue mission in an Eastern European city or an explosives training day at a UK elite forces facility. Adrenaline seekers with GBP 165,000 to spare can buy a place on Operation Connery and partake in a four day adventure across Europe — complete with thrills, action, and the luxurious lifestyle associated with spies from the silver screen. None of the packages require previous training and teams are accompanied by specials forces agents who provide support and assistant.

What other immersive experiences could companies offer to wealthy thrill-seekers?

Website: http://bit.ly/1vW55gb
Contact: http://bit.ly/17pTha2

via Springwise http://bit.ly/17pTeLt

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